Preferred Real Estate Institute offers many options to meet your educational needs.

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Whether you need to take classes to qualify to take your pre-licensing test to practice Real Estate in Pennsylvania or you are already licensed and want to earn your broker license or take your required continuing education credits, we offer many options and classes to help you reach your goal.


Our Real Estate instructors bring their local real estate knowledge and expertise to the classroom to assist, develop, and equip new and existing real estate sales agents with the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to succeed in the fast paced, highly technical real estate market.


The Preferred Real Estate Institute opened its doors in June 2014. Preferred Real Estate Institute develops, prepares, and motivates new and current real estate agents and provides them with the tools needed to become successful, ethical, and knowledgeable real estate sales professionals.

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Pre-Licensing Classes
$550 for the complete bundle
Classroom Instruction

Real Estate Fundamentals (30 hours mandatory)


Classes are held on Mon & Wed 6-9 PM

Real Estate Fundamentals introduces the student to basic real estate terminology and how those terms are applied in real world situations. 


This course gives the student a basic understanding of types of land ownership, fair housing laws, hazardous materials, differences between Real Property and Personal Property and the basic laws that govern the Real Estate industry.


Real Estate Practice (45 hours mandatory)


Classes are held Mon & Wed 6 to 9 PM

Real Estate Practice will further refine the student's knowledge of Real Estate.


Emphasizing the basic techniques, procedures, regulations, and ethics involved in real estate transactions along with a working knowledge of the PAR contract forms that are currently in use.

includes workbooks


PSI Exam Prep


This class is held Saturdays 9 AM to 4 PM and Sundays 9 AM to 4 PM.

Exam Prep Class prepares the student for the PSI state exam and includes real estate math concepts.


Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission requires 75 hours of instruction to be eligible to take the Licensing Exam.

Broker Classes
$375 Each - plus cost of books unless otherwise noted


Required Courses:


  • Real Estate Office Management

    • 30 hours 2 credits


  • Real Estate Law

    • 30 hours 2 credits


Plus at least 12 credits from this list:


  • Valuation of Residential Property

    • 30 Hours 2 credits


  • Non-Residential Property Management

    • 30 Hours 2 Credits


  • Valuation of Income Producing Property

    • 30 Hours 2 Credits


  • Real Estate Construction

    • 30 hours 2 credits


  • Real Estate Sales

    • 30 hours 2 credits


  • Real Estate Finance

    • 45 hours 3 credits


  • Real Estate Investment

    • 30 Hours 2 credits


  • Property Management

    • 30 hours 2 credits


  • Broker Reboot

    • 15 hours 1 Credit


Continuing Education Classes


Classroom Instruction for First Time LIcense Renewal


Residential Module 7 hours


This CE Course is Mandatory for new Agents. - First Renewal Period.


Residential Module Course covers"


  • Agency Relationships

  • Fair Housing Practices

  • Closing Procedures

  • Fair Lending Practices

  • Contracts


Time For This Class is from 9 AM to 5 PM with an hour lunch.


General Module 7 hours


This CE Course is Mandatory for new Agents. - First Renewal Period.


General Module Course Covers:


  • Environmental Issues

  • Easements

  • Zoning

  • Metes and Bounds

  • Police Powers

  • Building Codes

  • Forms of Ownership


Time For This Class is from 9 AM to 5 PM with an hour lunch.


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